These tips will make you a better product guy

Leaving the click-bait title aside this will be an article about writing good specs

This year I learned something that I kinda guessed already: The biggest benefit of keeping a journal is not archiving your experiences. Very few people take the time to read what they wrote 5 years ago. The biggest benefit is in the writing process alone. Writing helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings. According to science: writing accesses your left brain, the analytical and rational, so your right side is free to create, brainstorm or mix ideas. 

Journaling and writing specs have a lot in common. The benefits for me are strikingly similar. 

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How I Moved Everything Into The Cloud

I got a new computer a few months ago. Yet another device adding to the already long list of gadgets: I have 2 laptops, an iPad, a Windows Phone, an Apple TV, Xbox One, smart TVs etc....

As I was moving all my files, reconfiguring everything I got really frustrated. It's 2014 for God's sake. And I was doing it the way I did it when I was on Windows XP. I thought by now everything should be in the cloud and I should be able to access all my content from all these devices. And like a good product guy I started with ....

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Product Tank

Why isn't Bucharest more like Silicon Valley? It's a loaded question that I get asked under many forms. The reality is I don't have an answer. And I don't think there is a simple one. There are many contributing factors but there is one I that I think Romania (and Europe in general) misses the most: product people.

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What Stefan the Great can Teach you about Eastern European Innovation

If you were not born in Romania you will probably have no idea who Stefan the Great is. And I think that is one of the reasons Romanians (and you can extend the argument to the region) are poor innovators.

Romanians consider him one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Prince there was in the history of the country. He is on the cover of textbooks and his name is heard among the first when politicians talk about smart leadership. He fought the Turks for about 50 years but when he won he did it by burning the entire country, thus starving the Turkish soldiers and forcing them to retreat. And after 50 years of opposing the Ottoman Empire he gave up and made peace with the Sultan,  at the cost of an expensive annual tribute.  

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Deconstructing Pinterest

It took me a lot of time to get Pinterest. I understand how picture sharing works and was a big supporter of Flickr back in the day. But why is Pinterest so successful? I read tons of articles about the phenomenal growth, the initial struggle of Ben Silbermann, aka the founder, but most importantly I noticed how  Adelina, my Facebook addicted girl, was using Pinterest every single day.

Today I want to explore what makes Pinterest such a successful product. 


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On Changing the World and Other Cute Fantasies

Most people think entrepreneurs are big visionaries.  But Sara Sarasvathy, a professor at University of Virginia, found that in fact entrepreneurs are acting  like amateur time-pressed cooks, checking what is in the fridge first and then deciding what they can cook for dinner. They were clearly not 5 star chefs who dreamt the perfect recipe and spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect ingredients. 

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