Deconstructing Pinterest

It took me a lot of time to get Pinterest. I understand how picture sharing works and was a big supporter of Flickr back in the day. But why is Pinterest so successful? I read tons of articles about the phenomenal growth, the initial struggle of Ben Silbermann, aka the founder, but most importantly I noticed how  Adelina, my Facebook addicted girl, was using Pinterest every single day.

Today I want to explore what makes Pinterest such a successful product. 


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On Changing the World and Other Cute Fantasies

Most people think entrepreneurs are big visionaries.  But Sara Sarasvathy, a professor at University of Virginia, found that in fact entrepreneurs are acting  like amateur time-pressed cooks, checking what is in the fridge first and then deciding what they can cook for dinner. They were clearly not 5 star chefs who dreamt the perfect recipe and spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect ingredients. 

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